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Here's what people are saying...

"Coop You were absolutely right regarding my 92' Miata's head gasket vs CAS o-ring oil leak. Checked under CAS unit and sure enough, LOTS of oil. Followed the directions from and changed the o-ring myself. You saved me a very expensive (and unnecessary) "repair" from a shop I thought I could trust. If my Miata ever needs work I can't do, I hope I can schedule an appointment at your shop. Thanks for being there for us Miata enthusiasts." Allen

"Thanks again for showing me the wisdom of experience.

One would not realize the number of steps involved in installing a bar, and the skill involved. The car rides, steers and handles so much better." :2002 Red Miata:

"Coop, The car is running great since your did the 60,000 mile tune. I tried your suggestion of running some BG 44K in fuel tank. WOW!! I do not know the last time she ran that smooth! Acceleration and performance is incredible! Thanks for the tip!" Vic

"If your Miata needs help, this is the place to go. Great work, very fair prices." Dave

"Today Coop's did an inspection on an MX5 that my daughter purchased from a private party. During the inspection it was discovered that the car had been in an accident as I was worried about from searching the VIN after my daughter bought the car. Coop and Bobby spent time pointing out areas of damage and giving advice. It turns out this car was sold without disclosing that it is not safe to be on the road. There is no structural support behind the front bumper as well as other problems. After taking all that time to inspect her car and give advice Coop was more than reasonable about the charge for the inspection. We had heard many good reports about Coop's and we feel that he is honest and trustworthy. 
Coop's truly cares about us and our car. We are coming back to see Coop's when we get a different Miata. He can inspect that car before we put any money down." Jennifer

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