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Dick Jones Cold Side, Supercharged

Dick Jones

Cold Side

Supercharged Miata

With Rear Duct

Cowled Intake

Smack myself daily for selling my baby. Fast and furious despite older technology. The call of horse power and improved suspension got me.

Dieter Beldi, multiple year Championships. 

90 Turbo BEWARE!!

Many a serious auto-crosser loaded their car back on the trailer when Dieter showed up, for very good reason!!

This car is said to be the reason Miatas have their own class now.

Ross Scott's '93 Super-Charged Custom Miata

Built in our shop, this cold side supercharged beauty pumps 10 lbs of boost. Fast-forward got it right with this unit, THEN we got our hands on it and made it better!

We love custom work, and Ross gave us the opportunity to express our inner macho.


Another of our custom build favorites, Wolfgang "The Wolf" Janas!

This NB beauty has a fast forward cold-side supercharger, with our special Coop's Miata adaptations! This build did not stop there, including some personalized touches.

At Coop's, we like to bring out the best in your car and make it personal.

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